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SUP Summer Nights aboard the Fiesta
One low price for up to 6 people!

Beat the summer heat with our SUP Summer Nights evening paddles aboard the Sol Fiesta! Great for families, a team building experience, beginners, couples, or just anyone who wants to experience a fun style of paddle boarding!

Swamp To Gulf - Sweep the Suwannee - Part 3
Mid Summer

Part 2 of Swamp to Gulf was a huge success! We collected nearly 200 lbs of trash in only 3.5 days, and paddled about 70 miles of the Suwannee River. We are currently planning for Part 3, and editing our Part 2 video.

Silver River Saturdays  
1st Saturday of Every Month

Join us the first Saturday of every month to paddle the crystal clear waters of the Silver River. Learn about flora and fauna of the area, history of Silver Springs, and see spectacular wildlife! Reservations required.

 Check out our latest videos!

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We are “Squatch” Alex Tabone and  “Siren” Serena Bass, two Native Floridian adventure guides with a passion for the environment, residing in Palm Valley (or Ponte Vedra Beach) Florida. The name “Squatch & Siren” comes from two creatures that some may consider fantasy, but can anyone be certain that these creatures do not walk the Earth? 

The “Sasquatch” is thought to be an upright walking ape like creature that can be up to 12’ tall. Some characteristics of the Sasquatch are long furry hair, super strength, and a foul smelling odor. Sasquatches spend most of their time outdoors enjoying their surroundings and caring for their forest friends, much like Alex. Alex’s long burly beard has also been known to cause him to be mistaken for a real Sasquatch in several situations.

The “Siren” is an alluring creature that lurks beneath the water’s surface. Sirens are always working to keep the oceans, rivers, lakes, springs, and other waterways clean for their underwater friends and for generations of two-leggers (humans) to come. You may have heard stories of the Siren luring and dragging sailors to their deaths, but rest assured - these were only sailors that were littering. Siren Serena has been making and collecting mermaid tails for over 15 years now, and using them to draw awareness to keeping our environment clean.

Together we we hope to encourage others to live a healthy and active lifestyle while keeping our environment healthy as well. We strive to capture the astounding sights that Mother Nature has gifted to us and share them with you in order to inspire everyone to help clean up their local community. A little bit of effort goes a long way! Be sure to check out our upcoming events sections for news on cleanups, and how you can help.

We want you to join us on our paddles! We will teach you about the local flora and fauna of the area, you will get to experience some amazing marine life, and perhaps even see a mermaid! Proceeds from our guided paddles and product sales go to supporting our future endeavors to cleanup the environment.

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Photo by: John Moran www.johnmoranphoto.com

Photo by: John Moran www.johnmoranphoto.com