Aqua~Bound Malta Fiberglass SUP Paddle

Being a half Maltese Squatch I was very curious about the name of Aqua~Bound's high-end paddles, Malta Carbon and Malta Fiberglass. It was nice to find out that a person working for Aqua~Bound suggested “Malta” because they wanted people to think of a beautiful exotic location when they hear the name and see the magnificent paddle.

After much deliberation about the expense we decided to purchase a couple of Aqua~Bound's Malta Fiberglass SUP paddles and it was one of the greatest decisions we have made yet. These paddles from Aqua~Bound are incredibly lightweight and oh so beautiful. You have the option of 3 different colors(Sunwave, Berry, and Limeade) and either a 1 or 2-piece shaft. We went with the one piece ferrule and ordered them 8 inches longer than our height. I got Sunwave and Serena got Berry. Aqua~Bound recommends a paddle length which is 6 to 12 inches longer than your height. A paddle 8 to 10 inches longer is ideal for flatwater adventures.

The Malta Fiberglass's blade is made of translucent compression molded fiberglass, while the shaft and hand grip are made of 100% carbon fiber. This cuts the weight down to the incredible low amount of 18.5 oz. That's just over a pound!

The 10 degree bend of the shaft and 87 square inch blade make paddling a breeze. You will never want to use an aluminum paddle again after trying out a Malta Fiberglass paddle. The flexibility of the carbon fiber shaft provides excellent feel in the water, giving you incredible control. It's been rumored that this paddle provides the smoothest forward stroke out there.

We frequently paddle the 5.2 mile Silver River multiple times in one day(Up river, then back down, then up again, and back down again). Now that we have our Aqua~Bound Malta Fiberglass SUP paddles we never feel fatigue in our arms. The Malta Fiberglass is very gentle on our muscles and joints.

Photo by: John Moran - Click to visit his website!

Photo by: John Moran - Click to visit his website!

We are very pleased with our purchase of our Aqua~Bound Malta Fiberglass paddles. If anything were to happen to them we would not hesitate to purchase the same paddles again. Aqua~Bound provides excellent customer service and they care about the environment. It was also nice to find out that Aqua~Bound paddles are assembled right here in the U.S.A! Osceola, WI to be exact.